Green Economy Education Manual

In this project, ECOMOVE is developing an extensive education manual on the subject of “Green Economy – Visions and Technologies”. Their objectives are to establish the “green economy” theme more firmly in schools and to bring schools and sustainability-conscious companies together. The main focus will be to emphasise the economic potential of green technologies, also with regard to occupational opportunities and the involvement of young people.

The education manual consists of a variety of modules and serves as a handout for teachers in their endeavours to provide a worthwhile realisation of the “green economy” theme in classroom lessons.

Film package Green Economy:
Creation of a film package consisting of six sophisticated films with this overarching focal point. The films highlight various aspects of the theme and are supplemented with additional educational material.

Schools and sustainable companies:
ECOMOVE is preparing educational material for a more intensive bringing-together of schools and (sustainable) companies.

Film/Discussion event:
ECOMOVE is developing the concept for film/discussion events in schools.

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