Art of the Future

Learning through play to solve social conflicts democratically

Climate change, war and peace, social divisions, flight and integration are some of the constant crises that young people in particular have to learn to deal with. In order to be able to counter authoritarian answers, hate speech and manslaughter arguments, democratic forms of dealing with conflicts must be taught and practiced. This ability to act in complex transformation processes is referred to as the "art of the future".

To this end, we are developing a modular workshop that uses playful methods to teach future skills such as taking perspectives, the ability to deal with conflict, the ability to reflect and work in a team, and enabling self-efficacy. Escape or card games are also used to impart knowledge. The project is aimed at a target group that is particularly affected by the future issues described: young people between the ages of 14 and 16.

Der The Art of Future Workshop


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