Intern. Summer University in Brazil

Climate change has become a topic that concerns mainstream society. The range of available images for communicating this topic, however, is small: we know the polar bears on the slab, the melting glaciers, and the threatening storms and natural disasters. But do these pictures have the power to shape things? Do they trigger changes in consumer behaviour and lifestyle or in the structure of our energy supply? Ultimately, what is required is a greater diversity of communication approaches.

The project involves the establishment of an intercultural further education and training offering in Brazil: the International Summer University with the thematic focal point of "climate change and renewable energy". Within the framework of this course, extensive competencies for communicating sustainability will be taught and practiced. The Summer University's central component is the audio-visual realisation of thematic messages in the form of commercials and short films. Those attending the summer university will learn how to communicate the topic "climate change and renewable forms of energy" by using the medium of short films - from the films' conception to their production.

So far, the Summer University has been held successfully in Germany and Chile. The extension of the concept to Brazil is a joint initiative by ECOMOVE International and the Kolleg für Management und Gestaltung nachhaltiger Entwicklung.

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