Resources in Focus

Films about "resource efficiency, cycle waste management and sustainable consumption"

The global use of resources has been developing in a way that cannot be maintained in the long term without impairing the prospects of future generations achieving economic prosperity and social cohesion. For a highly-developed industrial country like Germany, the efficient handling of raw materials and intelligent closed substance cycle waste management, plus the innovative use of waste products, are indispensable. Sustainable consumption plays a key role in all of this. Raw materials will not be available indefinitely, and our increasing consumption of resources is posing an ever greater threat to the climate and to biological diversity.

If we are to communicate this environmental policy theme to the public at large and generate awareness for our day-to-day treatment of natural resources, it will be necessary to launch a public debate and a learning process that starts with the fundamentals. With this project, ECOMOVE International would like to use the medium of film to help fill this complex subject with specific examples, while providing some stimuli for new ways of becoming active in this field.

It is against this backdrop that ECOMOVE International has developed a broad-based media package that consists of 10 selected film and TV productions on the subjects of "resource efficiency, closed substance cycle waste management and sustainable consumption", as well as extensive teaching aids for use in environmental education. The objective is to communicate the thematic focal points in a way that is not only emotional and vivid, but also scientifically sound. The selective use of high-quality films with educational relevance at schools and in the public domain is designed to present the topic in an appropriate fashion in all its complexity and show what kinds of positive action might be possible. The media package offers a range of selected contributions which convey important specialist information in these areas, tackle consumer-oriented issues and examine new, creative societal models.

In addition to the above, ECOMOVE presented in 2014 the cinema and discussion programme "Resources in Focus", a full evening-length nationwide event aimed at all documentary and cinema enthusiasts. It offered viewers an attractive main film, plus a supporting film, on this group of themes followed by a discussion about the films with expert speakers right there in the cinema.

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